the 8th week

This week I have started the front end part of the feature (with code review feedbacks fixes about the server branch). It is just the beginning of the front part, but I enjoying it very much 🙂 My mentors are sooo responsive and helpful – just the other day the both stayed up too late […]

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The 7th Week

So this week I have dived into the front end (yey!) of the feature, keeping me back was the Git pitfalls that I have experienced – rebase did not work, move between branches and lots of birokratik stuff. This is the phase I have been waiting for the whole feature, this is what I love […]

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The 6th Week

This week I have enriched the API for the feature. It was difficult because I was not used to the language at all, nor the project logic or structure. I have managed to get along with the task, after lots of investigation and lookups I came across a guessing solution for the time delay necessity. […]

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The 5th Week

The past week has gone by so fast for me – each day I have sat and learned a bit more about CRON job, the Echo mechanism and so on. My little API need to activate a job that will be triggered somewhere in the future. Sounds simple, right? But to write it in code […]

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The 4th Week

So this week I’m all about the unknown field – the PHP server. I had to implement an API for the new notification that I am writing, and it has to be in the existing mechanism. I have started to read the code base of the relevant extension, red and red and had a lot […]

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The 3rd Week

So this week was the actual first one that I really coded and got to know the code structure. It was challenging, I must admit: to work only with a guideline page (my mentors are extremely reactive but lives is a very different time zones) on a POC in very new tools, language and all. […]

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The 2nd Week

This week I have started to go deeper into the code and took my first and simple micro-task – just create a new notification type. Sounds easy, right? So, with all the documentation ready, I felt brave enough to give it a try, and – BAAM! my local environment got crashed. I picked up the […]

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