the 13th week

WOW, it is been 13 weeks so far!
The thing with this program (for me, anyway) is that at the beginning I felt over my head, did not know what to do and where to start from. Everything seems to be scary and out of reach.
As all new things for me, when I have started to know and understand more and more – the scary part finished and the actual fun part started. Because I genuinely love to develop new features and get to know new projects and the way it is built.

So – this week I have returned to the back-end of the feature, in order to implement the final part (and the very core of it):
the delay mechanism.

It was the part which had the most debates on it (among my mentors and other teams members) because we wanted to make it generic as possible.
It includes changes in the data base, modification to the very core of the extension components and it is a very good thing that this task came up now because now I *know* those components and feeling very comfortable changing it and even touch it.

I think (waiting for the mentor’s code review) that I did it well and it sposed to be ready in a couple of days.



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