the 12th week

Wow, this week was all about what I love in my profession – FE on all of its layers.
I love making an efficient component, learn about how to combine it in the most right way for the current system, see other component references and take what is best for the new component needs.
I love to investigate “core” component and see what its behavior and what is its limitations.

So this week I have dealt with the Wikimedia FE convention and standards, improved and improved (and improved some more 🙂 ) the UI component that responsible of the user interaction of this feature.

I have got feedbacks from the tech-lead of the Echo team and got a chance to
get to know some more ways of doing many operations in the FE (@Wikimedia).

It was a fun week for me, hope to get this feature done soon and make it up and live in Wikimedia (well, beta first 🙂 ).


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