The 2nd Week

This week I have started to go deeper into the code and took my first and simple micro-task – just create a new notification type. Sounds easy, right?
So, with all the documentation ready, I felt brave enough to give it a try, and – BAAM! my local environment got crashed.
I picked up the pieces and tried again.
After a while, I somehow manage to double (!) my VM instances, so had to choose one and let the other go… as you can imagine, the local environment was not easy on me 🙂

But somehow I succeeded to leave it behind me and now I was focused on my real goal: new notification type!

That was a mission on an unknown field (I have never worked with PHP in my life), so it took me a while to get into the code, and the structure was very unfamiliar to me.

Luckily, the guide was written very well so the steps were very clear; I followed them and now it is the phase that almost every developer know: the “I have ruined the program” phase.
Just added what was written – and boom, exceptions flying and the basic flow does not work.

I will spear you the details, but it is a Sisyphean phase. Add here, cut there, reload the program and cross my fingers.

Currently, I think I have got it.

Hope to finish by the end of the day my first building block in this feature and get the other one to my table.


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