The First Week

The first week of the Outreachy internship program has elapsed at Wikimedia. We have introduced ourselves to the Wikitech-l mailing list. All the participants joined the Zulip to stay connected.

Last week my mentors and I, also finalized our instant messaging medium so that I can reach out to them easily.

My project is about adding support for custom notifications for some articles (its formal name is “Remind me of this article in X days”), so it has some server both client side work involve.
The intriguing part will probably be the server notification mechanism and how to support a large scale of it.

This week I’ve opened my first blog (ever!), learned a bit how to play around with it,
Modified the project tasks board on a new Wikimedia inner platform (for me) called “Phabricator”,
Installed some news tweaks in my Windows working environment for a new design and more productivity,
made sure that my Vagrant is up and running,
read lots of material about the project ecosystem and tried to catch-up PHP from reading the server code (never worked with before).

This project is so exciting for me because it is the first time I would participate and contribute to FOSS.

Here we goes!


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