The 10th Week

This week I have dived into the OO.ui framework of the front end objects; I have learned so much about the object composition, its structure and how to optimally use each one. There are some “holes” left on the API implementation which is kind of worries me (what if the change/enhancement would be too big […]

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The 9th week

This week I have dived into the front end of the feature – got familiar with the ui framework (oo-ui) and finally saw some rendering going on 🙂 It was a confusing and complex learning curve because (as I have just learned now in the check-in meeting with my mentors) as all big project, here […]

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the 8th week

This week I have started the front end part of the feature (with code review feedbacks fixes about the server branch). It is just the beginning of the front part, but I enjoying it very much 🙂 My mentors are sooo responsive and helpful – just the other day the both stayed up too late […]

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The 7th Week

So this week I have dived into the front end (yey!) of the feature, keeping me back was the Git pitfalls that I have experienced – rebase did not work, move between branches and lots of birokratik stuff. This is the phase I have been waiting for the whole feature, this is what I love […]

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The 6th Week

This week I have enriched the API for the feature. It was difficult because I was not used to the language at all, nor the project logic or structure. I have managed to get along with the task, after lots of investigation and lookups I came across a guessing solution for the time delay necessity. […]

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The 5th Week

The past week has gone by so fast for me – each day I have sat and learned a bit more about CRON job, the Echo mechanism and so on. My little API need to activate a job that will be triggered somewhere in the future. Sounds simple, right? But to write it in code […]

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The 4th Week

So this week I’m all about the unknown field – the PHP server. I had to implement an API for the new notification that I am writing, and it has to be in the existing mechanism. I have started to read the code base of the relevant extension, red and red and had a lot […]

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